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Milton Friedman
Nobel Monetary Economist: A Review of his Theories and Policies
K. Puttaswamaiah (ed.)
ISBN 978-0-9823895-0-8 / March 2009 / 300 pages, US $ 45.00      Buy Now

Professor Milton Friedman was a distinguished monetary economist who received the Nobel Prize in Economics in the year 1976. Since the inception of Nobel Prize in Economics in 1969, Milton Friedman was the fourth economist to receive the full prize. He was awarded the prize for his achievements in the fields of consumption analysis, monetary history and theory and for his demonstration of the complexity of stabilization policy. He has thus been recognized for his path breaking contributions to monetary economics in particular.

The book consists of 13 chapters depicting his life and contributions both in appreciation and criticism. These are authored by distinguished economists from various parts of the world. They include Paul A. Samuelson, the first American Nobel Laureate in Economics, and others from Australia, Canada, China, Japan, USA, Netherlands, France and Italy.

The book provides a comprehensive picture of Milton Friedman the Nobel Laureate in Economics.

• Milton Friedman–His Life and Contributions: K. Puttaswamaiah
• Remembering Milton Friedman: Paul A. Samuelson
• Markets, Disturbances and Responses: Warren Hogan and Jonathan Batten
• Automatic and Discretionary Stabilizers: John Lodewijks
• Methodological Conflict: Simon, Samuelson and Friedman: Edward Mariyani–Squire
• Two Opponents of the “Keynesian Consensus”: Syed Ahmad
• From Monetary Control to Inflation Targeting: “a Neo-wicksellian” Revival?: Gilbert Abraham-Frois
• Friedman’s Influence on Monetary Policy Design Down Under (Australia): Neil Dias Karunaratne
• China’s Prospects as an Innovative Country: An Industrial Economics Perspective: Junbo Yu and Peter Nijkamp
• The Legacy of Milton Friedman: Robert Leeson
• Chicago Versus Cambridge in Australia, 1975: Alex Millmow
• Milton Friedman: A Late and Overestimated Master of Sophistry: Vittorangelo Orati
• Milton Friedman’s Probable Vision of Competition Basing on his Multiple Doctrine: Shosuke Takemura
• Annex 1: List of Life-time Contributions of Milton Friedman

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