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For authors


Milton Friedman
Nobel Monetary Economist: A Review of his Theories and Policies
K. Puttaswamaiah (ed.)
978-0-9823895-0-8 / March 2009 / 300 pages, US $ 45.00

Depicts his life and contributions both in appreciation and criticism. These are authored by distinguished economists from various parts of the world. They include Paul A. Samuelson, the first American Nobel Laureate in Economics, and other eminent economists.

Future of Economic Science
K. Puttaswamaiah (ed.)
978-0-9823895-1-5 / September 2009 / 771 pages, US $ 89.50

“The very title of this enormous volume is enough to indicate the outrageously daring project that editor has devised and succeeded to manage. A great variety of topics: globalisation, non linearity, finance, development, institutional economics, neural networks... . A superb realization which will remain of interest in the remote future have been included.”

Growth of Economics in the Twentieth Century
Theories & Practices
K. Puttaswamaiah (ed.)
978-0-9823895-2-2 / July 2009 / 687 pages, US $ 79.50

The array of contributions offered in this volume on the growth of economics is comprehensive. There are sufficient number of ideas and perspectives about economic themes to whet the appetite of the most scholarly of readers. Others, more inclined to welcome efforts to explain economic phenomena, will find a diversity of interpretations of events which should be sufficient to stimulate the imagination as well as the understanding of policy choices.

Peerless Twentieth-century Macroeconomist
Nobel Laureate in Economics
Editor: K. Puttaswamaiah
978-0-9823895-3-9, October 2009, 128 pages, hc, US $ 39.50

“...demonstrates his autonomous originality and his breadth in economic research-indeed he was described as a ‘complete, horizontally and vertically integrated, economic research system’.”

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